“Who should I tell the truth to?”

Rowan Williams

“Who should I tell the truth to?”

Rowan Williams


Rowan Williams is the Master of Magdalen College, Cambridge. He is a renowned Theologian, Poet and was the 104th Archbishop of Canterbury


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Professor Williams was unavailable for a full interview, but did offer a response to the question of what we should be asking ourselves. While this does not fit the regular format of Examined Life interviews, it is nonetheless worth sharing. The photo was sent with the permission of his office.

What about asking ‘Who do I tell the truth to?’ – and then asking whether I can find someone who will listen without judging and probe me gently to help me discover what I really fear and what I really hope for.  For me the presence of God is above all the presence in which it makes no sense not to tell the truth; anyone who helps me face to the truth is doing for me the work of God.  But even a non-believer might make use of the idea of some space in a life where there was room to face the truth. Our truest friends give us some glimpse of this, but we also need at times to find someone who will make this a priority.




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    Sue Hillier

    \i would say that its difficult for believers to face the truth…………

    Submitted on 13th November 2017, 9:33 pm   |   Respond

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